“You absolutely believed that this fierce Yemaya’s powerful shoulders and arms and huge spiraling turns (belonging to Susanna Arenas Pedroso) could churn up whole oceans”

Dance Magazine, 2012

“Last weekend’s “Yo Soy Cuba,” presented by the Arenas Dance Company, probed the vivacious intermarriage of Cuba’s Spanish and African traditions through music and dance sequences rooted in the rich mythopoetic history of the nation. Relaying the cultural legacies of deities such as Yemaya (the mother goddess of Santeria) and Babaluaye (the father of the world and the Orisha, or deity, of care and compassion) through ritualistic performance, the Arenas Dance Company wove a remarkable tapestry of a mythology that seems strangely relevant and grounding amidst the chaos of our geopolitical milieu.”

SFStation, 2005

“Susana Arenas Pedroso’s new version of Yemaya, Ocean Mother, with live music, including her as the lead singer, evoked the give and take of the ocean with mesmerizing intensity. Supported by seven fellow dancers, Regina Tolbert’s Yemaya rolled her shoulders and swayed her skirts, gathering and releasing energy. Playful one moment and ferocious the next, she kept joining a larger whole but also metamorphosed out of it.”

San Francisco Bay Guardian, 2012

“Susana Arenas Pedroso, a beautiful woman with a generous stage presence, was riveting when she danced and gave the best impression of Ramos’ choreography.”

SF Gate, 2003

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